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High Holiday Seat Reservations 2020



Minyan Plans

The information below details our current planning. Due to the fluid nature of the pandemic, these plans may change if the situation in our area changes. We will update as needed.

  • We will be holding minyanim in members’ backyards. We will adhere to the same guidelines we use for Shabbat minyan. Please review these here.
  • Since we will be having a number of minyanim, we will need more men to lead davening, lein, serve as gabbaim and blow shofar this year. If you would like to volunteer for any of these roles, please contact Jeff Miller at
  • Davening will be shortened so that no minyan is more than 2-3 hours. 
  • There will be no youth groups or child care this year. Since there will be multiple minyans at staggered times, we will accommodate requests from spouses who need to go at different times to allow for one spouse to be home with children.
  • We will do our best to assign everyone to minyan at the times requested but we can not guarantee.
  • We will do our best to assign everyone to their first choice location, However, due to limited space, we may need to assign you to your second or third choice to ensure a minyan at each location.
  • Final times and locations may change from those listed on the form. If we end up not using the location you select as your preference, we will strive to place you at the location closest to your expressed preference. If minyan times change, we will strive to place you in the minyan closest to the time preference you expressed (we will ensure that spouses who require staggered times to cover child care will have this).
  • Because the number of concurrent minyanim may vary for each service throughout the holidays, we may not have all services in all locations. So, you may be assigned to minyanim in different locations for different services.
  • We ask that all male or all female members of each family attend the same minyan so that we can group family units together on each side of the mechitzah to maximize space while social distancing. 
  • If you do not have your own machzorim, we will arrange an opportunity for members to borrow from the shul’s supply before each holiday 
  • We request that people bring their own chairs if possible. When you receive your location and time slots, we will let you know to which location(s) you should bring a chair. These may be dropped off before chag.

Seat Reservation Form

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Mon, September 21 2020 3 Tishrei 5781