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Netivot Shalom Re-Opening Planning

Phase 1

We are currently holding outdoor minyanim on Shabbat morning. This remains a fluid situation. As the RCBC indicated in their recent letter, the obligation to ensure health and safety far exceeds the obligation of communal tefilla and other activities. We will continue to adjust our plans as the RCBC develops its guidelines and as the facts on the ground evolve.


As we begin to hold in-person minyanim we understand that this is not without risk. However, the preponderance of input from doctors, political leaders, and religious leaders indicates that the risk is low enough that we can choose to face this smaller risk for the sake of the benefits of communal prayer.


In making a decision to move forward with planning for eventual re-opening, we recognize and fully accept that there is no one right solution for everyone. For some people, the spiritual and mental health benefits of communal prayer compel a desire to return to it as soon as it is deemed possible to do so safely. For others, their personal or family health situations may make even outdoor interactions with social distancing higher risk while still others may not yet feel comfortable taking any risk. Therefore, even after we begin meeting in person, we will continue to meet over Zoom as well so that every member of the community has options for communal interactions.


After you have carefully read the guidelines, you may go to the form linked at the end of the guidelines to register for minyan.



Guidelines that we will be following for minyan:


  1. Davening is outdoors.
  2. Pre-Registration is required.
  3. Masks must be worn by everyone attending davening.
  4. Everyone is expected to wash their hands before coming to davening and hand sanitizer will be available.
  5. A minimum of 6 feet distance will be maintained between individuals from different households. There are spots marked throughout the parking lot to indicate where chairs may be placed. Some spots have a few marks close together to indicate that members of the same household may sit together. Other spots are for individuals.
  6. Children younger than 11 (including infants) are not be permitted to attend.
  7. Everyone attending davening, including children over 11, must pre-register and must stay at their seats for the duration of davening.
  8. Individuals must bring their own siddurim. Communal books will not be available.
  9. No kiddush.
  10. No one who has any symptoms or has tested positive or has been in direct contact with someone who tested positive will be permitted to attend until cleared by his or her physician to do so. A list of symptoms will be sent to all registrants. Please review this list in the morning before leaving for minyan. If you think you may have any symptoms, do not attend.



subjective or measured fever
shortness of breath
sore throat, fatigue
congestion/runny nose
chills/shaking chill
loss of taste or smell)

11. Anyone who is in a higher risk category due to age, health conditions, or any other reasons should consult their physician before attending any in-person activities. Similarly, anyone who lives with someone considered high-risk should consult a physician before attending. These individuals are encouraged to continue participating in communal activities via virtual options. 

12. If you have traveled to any of the states for which NJ requires mandatory 14 day quarantine, you must complete this quarantine before attending minyan.

13. As there will not be groups and children under 11 will not be permitted to attend, our plan in the future is to have at least 2 minyanim with sufficient time between them for one member of the household to attend the earlier time and return home to take over childcare so that other members of the household may attend the later minyan. However, at this earliest stage, we may not have enough people registered to support two minyanim. 

13. Anyone who registers to attend a minyan will be asked to commit to inform us immediately in the event they test positive for COVID-19. Should this happen, this information will be shared with the other people who attended the same minyan.


As we begin this gradual process toward returning to communal activities, it is essential that all proposed gatherings follow health and safety guidelines. As the RCBC indicated, no minyanim should be arranged informally outside the purview of the shul. Private minyanim that have not been coordinated or registered with one of the community shuls should not be held. This will help ensure that an opening up is done in the safest and most responsible way possible.



If you would like to register for minyan, please do so here.


Thu, May 13 2021 2 Sivan 5781