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Simchat Torah 

Kiddush Sponsorship

One of the things that makes our Netivot Shalom community so special is our commitment to having kiddush every week - whether or not we have a sponsor. This ensures there is always time to connect with old friends and make new ones. It is an important of why we are known as a warm and welcoming shul.

The Annual Simchat Torah Kiddush makes this possible. Money raised for this gala kiddush funds kiddush on all the weeks we do not have a sponsor.

Everyone is encouraged is to sponsor. Fill out the form below to add your name to our list of sponsors.

Sponsorship Form

We strongly encourage those who partake in Scotch on a regular basis to consider the Sponsor level donation.


Simchat Torah Auction: Buy Now

No need to wait for Simchat Torah!
Reserve the honors of your choice now.
You can purchase honors for yourself or as gifts for others to show your appreciation for how someone has supported the community or you and your family this year.

Similar to NPR's seasonal fundraiser drives, we can shrink our Simchat Torah auction if people purchase the honors in advance. Also reminiscent to Ebay's "buy now" option that immediately ends an auction, you have the opportunity to purchase the Simchat Torah honors in advance of the auction.

The prices are listed on this form  and the first to fill out the form wins that honor precluding it from the auction on Simchat Torah. The more honors purchased in advance, the fewer that will be auctioned off! There is no fluctuating price with this "buy now" option. The first to purchase these honors will have the opportunity to accept the honor for themselves or give it to someone else. 

While all interested adults will get an aliya, the honors in the auction are the final aliyot. Feel free to purchase multiple honors.


Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784