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Shul Rental

To submit an inquiry about renting our space for your next function please fill out the form below. Please be sure you are familiar with the shul kashrut policy.

Rental Agreement

Please complete the on-line application AND print out, sign and submit the following form. The application is complete and accepted only when both the form and agreement are received and the latter signed by an authorized representative of the shul. Please allow at least 30 days (when possible). 

Download the agreement here.

Rental Application




Mandatory Security Deposit (refundable)



Cleaning Fee 

Note: For renters who would like to clean themselves, please contact us



Multi-purpose (Kiddush) Room 






Sanctuary (Shabbat / Chag)



Bris (weekday) $150  N/A

Tent / Parking Lot



Sukkah $150 $200

When the sanctuary is used only as part of a service connected with the event, there is no charge for members.


Sat, May 25 2019 20 Iyyar 5779