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Sponsor a kiddush

If you have any questions about Kiddush sponsorship please contact Pam Scheininger at If you plan to sponsor a Kiddush, please complete the form below to save the date. To see if the date you wish to sponsor is available, please check our calendar. Please be sure to review the Simcha Sheet if your kiddush is tied to a special event in the shul. If you are catering, please review the shul's kashrut policy.

After reviewing the information below, please complete the form at the end of this page to select and pay for your package.

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Kiddush Packages

Basic Hot Kiddush Package

If you would like to do a hot kiddush, please indicate hot kiddush on form below and one of our kiddush organizers will reach out to work out the details and pricing with you.

Basic Kiddush Package

Purchased by Netivot Shalom ($185) Includes:

  • All paper goods, utensils and tablecloths
  • Seltzer and Water
  • Crackers, Tortilla Chips, Veggie Sticks. and Pretzels
  • Herring in wine sauce
  • Grape Juice and Scotch (2 bottle) and Bourbon (1/2 bottle);
  • Salsa, Guacamole, Chummus, Pickles, and Carrots
  • Cookies

What you need to know:

1.  Additional items are the responsibility of the sponsors.  Anyone wanting to substitute the basic kiddush package with other food must include the components of the package or appropriate substitutes as approved by the Kiddush Committee.

2.  All items must be in accordance with Netivot Shalom’s Kashrut Policy.

3.  If more than 30 additional guests are anticipated at a kiddush and the basic kiddush package is being provided (with or without additions), the amount of food, paper goods, and seltzer will be adjusted accordingly. The cost of the basic kiddush package in such as case will be increased to $225.  If more than 75 guests are expected, arrangements must be made directly with Noah Rothblatt so as to ensure that there are adequate provisions.

4.  The Kiddush Committee reserves the right to require that wait staff be hired by the kiddush sponsor if the kiddush will require a significant amount of extra set-up and/or clean-up. Contact information for wait staff is available from the Kiddush Committee upon request.

5.  Kiddush sponsors must coordinate drop off and pick up of materials with a member of the Kiddush Committee.  Unless otherwise agreed upon, pick up and drop off may only take place outside of business hours. Storage of food and food-related items must be coordinated with a member of the Kiddush Committee.

6. In the event that a kiddush involves food preparation or the re-plating of hot food, an RCBC approved Mashgiach will be required to supervise such preparation.  In such event, Rabbi Helfgot and the Kiddush Committee must be notified at least 5 days prior to the kiddush.  Rabbi Helfgot is the final arbiter of whether a Mashgiach is required for a particular kiddush.

7. Netivot Shalom endeavors to create a safe environment for all of its members.  To that end, we have a nut-free policy. Please be sure you (or your caterer) does not serve items containing nuts of any kind.

8. There is a kitchen-use surcharge for catered events involving the presence of an on-site caterer of $25 (members)  /$50 (non-members).

Suggestions for Optional Additions

These are some popular selections. Note that they must be purchased directly by the sponsors.

  • Dairy
    • Half tin eggplant parmesan, macaroni and cheese, cheese kugels and/or baked ziti – we suggest 6-8 half tins.
    • Ice Cream (8-10 half-gallon containers with 96 ice cream cones, sprinkles and whipped cream)​
  • Meat
    • Cholent (suggest 2-3, option to include 1 small vegetarian)
    • Assorted Julienne Chicken (12 lbs)
    • Other options: meatballs, mini hot dogs, steak tidbits, shwarma, chicken wings
  • Parve
    • Herring Assortment (4-6 containers)
    • Lox – 1  1/2 lbs minimum. If purchased along with red onion and capers, the Kiddush committee will plate and decorate. It is recommended that Carr’s Crackers also be included. 
    • Large Fruit Platter – purchased at Shoprite in Englewood (201) 816 8330 or Paramus. The platter must be marked kosher and sealed. The produce department will do this at no extra charge.
    • Half tin potato or noodle kugel (suggest 3-4 potato and 1-2 noodle-sweet or salt/pepper)
    • Pasta Salads – Either Pasta Pesto or Pasta Primavera (4-6 lbs)
    • Where a kiddush sponsor is purchasing a basic kiddush package plus meat add-ons, premium parve cookies are available as part of the kiddush package for an additional cost to be worked out with the Kiddush Committee. 
    • For a big kiddush we require Lechem Mishna. We suggest at least 12 Challah Rolls, which can be purchased at local bakeries and supermarkets.


The following are some of the local restaurants, markets and take out stores that have catering items available. You are free to use any caterer that you wish provided that they are in accordance with Netivot Shalom’s Kashrut Policy.

Dairy Caterers:

  • Cedar Market 201-855-8500
  • EJ’s Place Pizza, Queen Anne Road, Teaneck (201) 862-0611
  • Glatt Express 201-837-8110
  • Grand & Essex Market 201-244-9955
  • Maadan, Cedar Lane, Teaneck (201) 836-4115
  • Poppies on West Englewood Avenue, Teaneck (201) 862-0800
  • Sammy’s, Queen Anne, Teaneck (201) 837-1111

Meat Caterers:

  • Cedar Market 201-855-8500
  • Chopstix, Teaneck. Speak to Uri Herzog. 201-697-5726 or
  • Glatt Express 201-837-8110
  • Grand & Essex Market 201-244-9955
  • Ma'adan 201-692-0192 
  • Menagerie, Englewood (201) 569-2704 
  • Noah's Ark (201) 692-1200
  • Sababa Grill, Teaneck (201) 530-0808


  • Butterflake 201-836-3516 (nut-free)
  • Zaidy's 201-796-6565
  • Costco (Teterboro),  and Stop & Shop (Teaneck) have dairy cakes and pastries; pareve cakes can be purchased at Acme in Passaic

Kiddush Sponsorship Form

Please review the kiddush information above BEFORE completing this form.

If you are opting for a hot kiddush or other additions, you will be charged for a basic kiddush now ($185) and billed for the balance of costs after you have worked these out with the Kiddush Committee.


Wed, September 28 2022 3 Tishrei 5783