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Sponsor a kiddush

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring kiddush at Netivot Shalom. 

Full Kiddush Sponsorships

Our basic kiddush package includes hot kugels and cholents.  We also offer enhanced kiddush packages for dairy and meat kiddushes and optional add-ons. View all kiddush packages here. 

All you need to do is fill out the form and we will do the rest!

We encourage you to sign up early so we can work with you to plan a great kiddush.

Rosh Chodesh Kiddush Sponsorships

When we do not have a sponsor for kiddush, Netivot Shalom sponsors using the funds our community generously donated for our gala Simchat Torah Kiddush. To provide the opportunity for sponsorships at lower costs and to ensure we have sufficient funds to have hot kiddush every week of the year, once a month, Netivot Shalom sponsors and extended kiddush. This kiddush is held on the closest shabbat to Rosh Chodesh for which we do not have a sponsor. Please consider joining as a sponsor to celebrate or mark lifecycle events (including ones for which you might not want to commit to a full kiddush sponsorship) or just because you love kiddush.


If you are planning a special kiddush for which you want to work with an outside caterer or arrange for options other than one of our kiddush packages, please contact Pam Scheininger at before completing the form below.

Kiddush Sponsorship Form

Please review the kiddush packages here before completing this form.

View details for all kiddush packages here. Full kiddush sponsorship is a great way to celebrate your smachot, commemorate a yahrtzeit, honor someone, or just share your love of kiddush.
Select your date

We do allow multiple sponsorships on the same Shabbat. 

In order to ensure that everyone in our community has the opportunity to sponsor kiddush to mark important lifecycle events, we do not guarantee exclusive kiddush sponsorships except in special circumstances such as in the case of a bar or bat mitzvah.

Rosh chodesh kiddushes are large kiddushes held once a month on the Shabbat closest to rosh chodesh on which we do not have a sponsored kiddush. These are a perfect opportunity to sponsosr in honor of smaller lifecycle events or just because you love kiddush.

Please Indicate Which Month You Want to Sponsor
If you want to sponsor muliple months, please fill out the form separately for each month


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