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Planning an Event at Netivot Shalom

The following guidelines are intended to make your event go as smoothly as possible. These guidelines should be followed by everyone, including lay leaders, board members and paid professionals in order to ensure coordination and communication.  These guidelines apply to all events.  Please see the additional guidelines specific to shul-sponsored and privately sponsored events at the end of this document. 


Scheduling your Event

When planning an event, please contact to find an appropriate date and put the event on the shul calendar. 

Shul Access

If you do not have an entrance code to the shul, please contact to arrange access to the building.

Set Up

Tables – If you need tables, they are in the closet next to the coat room.

Chairs – Folding chairs are kept in the closet in the upstairs youth groups room and /or in the library upstairs.  Please do not  use the chairs in the meditation room.  On some occasions it may be necessary to use chairs from the sanctuary.  If you believe this is the case for your event, please contact Please do not use any chairs from the sanctuary if you have not received confirmation from   

Heat and Air Conditioning – Please contact to ensure that the thermostat is set to be at a comfortable temperature during your event. Please do not adjust the temperature on your own as you can disrupt the system.

Food – Food prepared at home is not permitted to be brought into the shul, nor can food be cooked at the shul.  Rather, food must be packaged with an accepted kosher symbol, or come from a caterer/restaurant  under accepted kosher supervision.  A partial list of acceptable supervision agencies can be found at  Food may be reheated in shul pursuant to the Netivot Shalom kashrut policy.  If you have any doubts about Kashrut or you plan to use food from home for an event outside the shul, please inquire at  For help in ordering food, please contact  For Netiovt Shalom’s full Kashrut policy, see Food preparation outside of kiddush may require a mashgiach depending on the extent of the preparation required. This determination will be made on a case by case basis.

Supplies – The supplies in the kitchen, including food and paper goods, are intended for shul kiddushim and may not be used for other events.  New supplies must be purchased for events. We can assist in ordering items on Instacart through the shul account. Please contact if you want this assistance and please make arrangements to accept the order and put the items away. WHEN RUNNING A PRIVATE EVENT, EVEN ONE WHICH IS TAKING PLACE ON SHABBAT OR CHAG, PLEASE ENSURE THAT NO ONE USES SHUL SERVING PIECES AND/OR UTENSILS.  ANY SUCH ITEMS WILL HAVE TO BE REPLACED IF USED.

Space – Shul availability is very limited during the week. Please contact to inquire about availability.

For weekend events, other than ritual events, lectures or shiurim, the sanctuary is generally not available.  Events should take place in the social hall or in one of the rooms upstairs. 

Security – The event organizers must arrange in advance for access to the building by contacting .The door to the shul must remain locked during events. A volunteer (preferably, but not necessarily, a CSS L1) wil be stationed by the door and allow entry as needed. No one should ever adjust the strap on the door or change the setting on the door lock.

For events where more than 100 people are expected, a security charge will be added to the event budget to cover the cost of a security guard and the organizers will be responsible for fundraising to cover the cost.  The current rate for a security guard is $52/hour (3 hour minimum).  The President may authorize the expense from general operating funds at their discretion. Please contact to arrange for a security guard.

Clean Up –  Please make sure to leave the premises as you found them. To inquire as to when the cleaning staff is scheduled to come and/or to arrange an additional cleaning session, please contact

  1. Return all chairs and table to their original locations
  2. Remove all food and supplies from the premises.  Please do not not leave anything in the rooms that were used, kitchen or fridge.
  3. Return any toys that were taken out.
  4. Take out all garbage and recycling. Please don’t over-fill the recycling bin - if you have excess recycling, please take it with you. 
  5. If the cleaning staff is not scheduled to come after the program, please wipe down the counters in the kitchen and make sure that the bathrooms are clean.


Please double check that the strap on the door is in the same position as when you arrived and that the door setting (located in the closet) is in the same position that it was in when you arrived.

Make sure that the alarm is set when you leave. To set the alarm, use your code and push 2 (Away) on the alarm panel.If you need assistance or do not have a code, please notify to have the alarm set remotely.

Tent – If your event will include a tent in the shul parking lot, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Contact to inform Netivot Shalom about your plans for a tent.  Netivot Shalom shares space with Gan Henel.  Accordingly, the shul must coordinate with the Gan to arrange for the most convenient times for tent set-up and take-down.  You must receive confirmation from Netivot Shalom before scheduling tent set up or take down.
  2. The the event organizer must be present at tent set up to ensure that the following conditions are met:
      • Tent poles and tent barrels/weights must not block the parking lot gate when fully open and must not block the sanctuary emergency exit doors nor the emergency exit from the parking lot to Frances St .  40’x40’ is the largest size possible that meets this requirement without difficulty.
      • The tent company must use pavement protection at the bottom of the poles.
      • The tent must be set up so that it is possible for cars to get into the lot for Gan drop-off and pick-up.  This means that there must be a clear path from the parking lot to the front door of the shul.

Fire and and Zoning Permit: All tents that are put up at Netivot Shalom require Fire and Zoning Permits. 

To secure these permits, obtain a fire certificate from the tent company. You must also print a copy of the shul survey and demarcate your tent on it. You may obtain a copy of the survey by contacting  Bring the fire certificate and the property survey to the Teaneck Building Department and obtain the zoning permit for the tent ($150, bring your checkbook).  Bring the fire certificate & zoning permit to Teaneck Fire Station to obtain a fire permit. ($54, bring your checkbook). 

For Shul-Sponsored Events:

The shul will help publicize shul-sponsored events.  Please follow these best practices:

  1. Flyers are usually the most effective way to promote an event.   You can design flyers using the shul’s canva account Username: | password 811palisade
  2. Please send flyers or other promotional materials to the President at Flyers can be distributed via email, WhatsApp, and the weekly announcements.  To have your flyer included in the weekly announcements, it must be sent to You are also encouraged to hang up any flyer on the appropriate bulletin board at shul and can make these arrangements by sending an email to
  3. If your event requires RSVP and/or payment, please contact to set this up on the website in advance.


Privately Sponsored Events:

  • Shul space is available for rental.  A list of fees and the rental agreement is available here. You must sign and return the rental agreement to Please note that you are required to fill out a rental agreement and remit payment for use of the parking lot or other space for each use.
  • There are many logistics involved in planning an event at Netivot Shalom.  Event sponsors are responsible for:
    • Ensuring that the event is adequately staffed and that the shul is left clean.
    • Please contact at least three months prior to the event to begin planning. Netivot Shalom can suggest caterers and other professionals that work with Netivot Shalom.  Your plan for staffing and cleanup must be vetted and approved by Netivot Shalom. Please contact to discuss your plans and obtain approval.


  • If you are sponsoring a kiddush at shul that will bring 50 or more guests, you must hire staff for setup and clean up.  For recommendations of appropriate staff to hire, please contact
    • The shul will bring out folding tables as we do for kiddush each week. If your simcha requires any additional set up (chair placement, movement of tables etc.), you will need to coordinate with wait staff or hire someone to do the set up.
    • Please be clear with wait staff that they cannot use supplies in the kitchen.
  • You can view all our available kiddush packages here, or you may choose to work with a caterer for a custom kiddush. All plans must be sent to for approval.


Bar and Bat Mitzvas:

Special guidelines for planning a bar or bar mitzvah at Netivot Shalom are available herePlease note that you can book a bar or bat mitzvah two years in advance.







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