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Our Neighborhood

The neighborhoods closest to Netivot have a variety of housing types to suit different budgets and needs. Most streets were laid out when the area was part of the Phelps Estate, and front and back yards are lined with trees, some of which date back to saplings planted by Phelps in the late 19th century (he planted over half-a-million trees in Teaneck).

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South of Cedar/Hospital

red road

This area has some of Teaneck’s larger, stately homes, as well as some more modest houses and rental apartments. Easy access to buses that run on Cedar Lane, Queens Anne Road and Teaneck Road. Houses close to Queen Anne Road are at the highest elevation in Teaneck. Most homes date from the 1930s and 1940s, though there are some more contemporary homes. 3-5 bedrooms sell for $320,000 to over a Million.

Grange/Phelps Estate


This area has more mid-range homes, mostly on 50x100 lots, though some are larger. Close to the library and nearby parks, most of the homes date to the 1940s. Most homes have 3 or more bedrooms and at least 2 baths and sell for $360,000-900,000's. The area offers the most public transit options, with buses on Teaneck Road, Queen Anne Road, Cedar Lane and Route 4, and the Route 4 jitneys. In addition to one-family houses, there are a few two-family homes and apartments.

Phelps Manor/Country Club


This area was one of the last parts of the Phelps Estate to be developed. The estate once covered nearly the entire town south of the present-day Route 4, and this section became a country club when the rest of the area was developed for housing. Only a portion of the golf course remains (now a public course) and the area has homes from the late 1940s and many split levels from the 1950s. It is somewhat less expensive than the adjacent Grange area and homes sell for $330,000-$800's. Along Teaneck Road are a few Co-op apartment buildings.

Phelps Park


On the other side of the railroad from the Grange area, the western half of the old Phelps Estate has a mix of homes, many of which are more modest than in other areas of town, and thus priced lower. There are also older, larger homes, especially closer to River Road. The area is home to Teaneck’s “Shabbos Park” – a playground that is heavily used by the Jewish community on summer Shabbat afternoons, and where there is a regular Torah presentation for kids, with ices. Phelps Park homes are mostly 2-3 bedrooms selling for $250,000-370,000.

West Englewood


Farther away (a 20-40 minute walk) is the largest orthodox neighborhood in Teaneck. Here you can find moderate to estate-sized homes. It is the most expensive section of town, with homes selling for $475,000-3 Million. Homes at the lower end are usually in need of major updating.


A great way to experience Teaneck before buying. Homes are available with 3-6 Bedrooms and monthly costs range from $2,300-5,000. There are also several apartment houses and two family homes a short walk from the shul.

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