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Kashrut Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to establish a uniform kashrut standard for shul-sponsored events to ensure that a maximum number of people are able to participate comfortably.  This Policy is not a comprehensive guide to the laws of kashrut.  Nor is it intended to be a statement regarding any individual's personal practice.   Please speak to Rabbi Helfgot

1.Policy for food in Netivot Shalom:

a.Only store bought or catered food is permitted to be brought into Netivot Shalom, whether for Kiddush or any other shul-sponsored event.  No home made food is permitted.

b.Every food item used for Kiddush or any other shul-sponsored event must have been prepared under the supervision of a kosher supervising agency that is approved by Netivot Shalom.   A partial list of approved kosher supervising agencies can be accessed through the following link

Please note – there are over seven hundred kosher supervising agencies around the world, so this list may not be exhaustive.  If you have a question about an agency or symbol not found on this list, please contact Rabbi Helfgot.

c.All food products brought into Netivot Shalom and used for Kiddush or any other shul-sponsored event must be unopened and in their original package.


i.       Netivot Shalom permits all scotch (this ruling is based on responsa issued by Rav Moshe Feinstein in Iggros Moshe, Yoreh Deah 62, 63, 64, and the concurring position of the Beit Din of London).     

ii.All wines and wine-based drinks, including cognac, vermouth, port and sherry must be under the supervision of an approved kosher supervising agency.

iii.     All unflavored beers are permitted.  Unless certified by an approved kosher supervising agency, questions about all flavored beers, hard ciders, hard lemonades and the like must be referred to Rabbi Helfgot.

iv.All domestic vodkas are permitted.  Recommended imported vodkas include Absolut (regular), Finlandia (regular), Goldenbarr, Grey Goose, Pravda, and Stolichnaya.

v.All gin, all Irish and Tennessee whiskies, and all bourbon are permitted.

vi.For a list of specific recommended liqueurs and cordials, please consult the Star-K website or contact Rabbi Helfgot.

e.If any food item at Kiddush or any other shul-sponsored event at Netivot Shalom contains meat, or has been purchased from a meat caterer, all other accompanying food items must also be meat or parve.  Please be diligent in ensuring that no item, including crackers, is dairy or was prepared in dairy equipment.

Conversely, if any food item is dairy, no other food item may contain meat.  Moreover, no food item may be served that was prepared in meat equipment.  Please inquire carefully of your food provider to ensure that there is no confusion.

f.For all Kiddushim and other shul-sponsored events at Netivot Shalom where wait-staff is employed, a mashgiach, as described below, must supervise the food preparation and service.

i.In cases where wait-staff’s sole responsibility is to set up and serve (i) cold food, including, but not limited to, situations where the food is being transferred from platter to platter and/or (ii) hot food that is heated up in the warming oven in the caterer's original wrapping, designated members of Netivot Shalom are available at no charge to supervise the preparation and service.  Please contact Noah Rothblatt if you will require a mashgiach of this nature.  Complimentary supervision will not be available when wait-staff will be engaged in food preparation before or after shul hours.  

ii.In certain cases where the Kiddush or event preparation requires food to be warmed by wait-staff (other than food heated up in the caterer's original wrapping), or where food, including fruits and vegetables, must be cut or otherwise altered by wait-staff, a community mashgiach, certified by an approved kosher supervising agency, may be required.  Please speak to the chairperson of the Religion Committee or Rabbi Helfgot about whether an outside mashgiach will be necessary.  Local mashgichim under the supervision of the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County are available. 

iii.If you are planning a Kiddush with wait-staff that does not fall within one of the two scenarios described above, please speak to a member of the Religion Committee or Rabbi Helfgot.

g.Halacha requires that we have lechem mishna for all meals on Shabbat and Yom Tov.  Accordingly, if you plan to serve any bread at all at a Kiddush, please have a sufficient number of whole, uncut rolls, uncut bagels or uncut pita bread available.  Whenever bread is served at a Kiddush or other shul-sponsored event, please ensure that there are an adequate number of washing stations available.

h.For Kiddush or shul-sponsored events taking place on Shabbat, please ensure that all food, platters, utensils, etc., are brought to Netivot Shalom prior to Shabbat.

i.If you are interested in purchasing food or arranging for a catered Kiddush or shul-sponsored event, you can consider, but are not limited to a local food provider supervised by the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County.  See for a list.

2.Pesach Kiddush Policy:

a.It has been the practice at Netivot Shalom to hold a potluck Kiddush on the eighth day of Pesach.  In order to ensure that all food served is in accordance with the more stringent strictures applicable during Pesach, please ensure that all contributions to the Kiddush are store bought and in their original sealed packages.

b.All contributions should be brought to the kitchen.  No food should be placed directly on the Kiddush table other than by those persons setting up kiddush.

c.Notwithstanding personal minhagim and practices, please do not contribute any food products containing kitniot or egg matzoh.

3.Kitchen Policy:

a.The Netivot Shalom kitchen is not available for personal cooking.  This policy applies to cooking for Kiddishim sponsored by individuals or by groups of individuals.

b.Separate drawers are designated and used for dairy, parve and meat utensils and serving platters.  Stickers will be used to clearly distinguish between dairy, parve and meat utensils and platters.

c.The drawers and cupboards containing Netivot Shalom’s kitchen supplies will be kept locked when not in use.

4.Policy for Events Outside of Netivot Shalom:

a.For all shul-sponsored events taking place outside of the shul premises, all purchased or catered food must be procured in accordance with the Netivot Shalom kashrut policy.

b.When preparing food at home for a shul-sponsored event taking place outside of the shul premises, please ensure that all food products and preparation are in accordance with the Netivot Shalom kashrut policy and the list of acceptable food products and kosher supervising agencies.   

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