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Purim Celebrations


Purim 2021 Megillah Reading

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Mishloach Manot for Purim

In the year that has past,
Teaneck has been the only place we can be,
We are fortunate that the restaurants and shops, 
Have been there for our comfort foods and delivery.
So for our 2021 Mishloach Manot, 
We are supporting our local vendor's creations,
Every Netivot member will get a package,
And we hope for 100% sponsorship participation.
You can choose any sponsorship level,
Court Jester, Merrymaker or Harlequin,
Sign up at the link below, 
And pickup/delivery instructions will be sent before Purim!
Sponsorship Levels:
Court Jester for $50 per family
Humorous Harlequin for $75 per family
Merrymakers for $100 per family
Thank you for participating in our Purim Mishlaoch Manot.


Fri, April 16 2021 4 Iyyar 5781