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Shavuot Schedule

Thursday, May 25 - Erev Shavuot

Candle lighting: 7:57 PM
Mincha: 8 PM
Maariv: 8:30 PM

Doors open at 10:30 PM

Come early for exciting snacks:
Which is better? Dunkin or Krispy Kreme?
Make your own Chipwiches!
Cheesecake and goodies served the whole time!

10:45 PM: Kickoff the Night with Chevruta and Discussion for ALL Ages:
Eitan Zadoff: 
VeHavta LeReacha Camocha - in the age of Social Media
This kickoff shiur is geared toward adults & kids 5th grade and up

11:15 PM: Rabbi Helfgot: 
Bikkurim As a Foundational Model Of Spiritual Worship

11:45 PM -12:45 AM
Learning Lightning Rounds: 15 Minutes Each
Maurice Appelbaum: Lions and Tigers and Bears! Elisha the Prophet and the Murderous Bears
Jonathan Passner: The Most Misunderstood Midrash of Shavuot
Miriam Gedwiser: Kavod Habriyot in Law and Narrative
Mark Druck: Friday Night Blessing of the Children--what, why, when??

Friday, May 26

9:15 AM: Shaharit
9:15 AM: Youth Groups
10:10 AM: Meditation  
Dvar Torah: Rabbanit Alissa Thomas Newborn | "Enough: A Close Look at the Grand Finale of the Aseret HaDibrot."

Kiddush: Kiddush is sponsored by Rabbanit Alissa, Akiva, and Ella in honor of the first yahrzeit of Rabbanit Alissa's father, Blade Thomas z''l (Baruch ben Avraham v'Sarah) and with gratitude to the Netivot Shalom family for your support and love throughout this year of aveilut.

6:35 PM: Early Mincha & Kabbalat Yom Tov (note early time) followed by Maariv 

Saturday, May 27
9:15 AM: Shaharit
9:15 AM: Youth Groups
10:10 AM: Meditation  
Book of Ruth
~10:45 AM: Yizkor

Kiddush: Kiddush is sponsored by the Eiselt family in honor of Paula’s incredible win of a Peabody award for her documentary Aftershock. We are so proud of you!

After Kiddush: Ask the Rabbi and Rabbanit!
Submit your questions HERE: 

Shabbos Lunch: Potluck at the Helfgot’s. Sign up here!

5:30 PM: Shiur for Women led by Dr. Tammy Jacobowitz
at Galit and Jeff Cohen's home (2 Myron Court)

8 PM: Mincha followed by R. Helfgot's gemara shiur

8:50 PM: Maariv

Havdalah after 8:59 PM

Shabbat after Kiddush: Ask the Rabbi & Rabbinit | Submit your questions in advance HERE 


Mon, July 15 2024 9 Tammuz 5784