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This year’s Tikkun Leil Shavuot, on the first night of Shavuot, is sponsored by Fred and Marcia Schulman, in memory of Fred’s parents, and by Barry and Margaret Herzog.

Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot
“Decision or Division?: Majority and Minority Opinions in the Halakhic Process” 

Fred Schulman
“Remarks in Memory of Fred’s Parents”

Jessica Langer
“Encounter with the Divine: Why Me?”

Barry Herzog
“There is a Time and Place for Everything: A Practical Guide to Sacrifice”

Alex Guttman
“How the early Targumim, R' Saadia Gaon and Maimonides Interpreted Anthropomorphic Passages (as they relate to G-D) in the Torah”

Alisa Danon Kaplan
"Thank you, Montezuma--The Halachot of Chocolate"


Refreshments served throughout the night.

Other Community Learning

Jewish Center of Teaneck

Tikkun Leil Shavuot- Civility in Communal Discourse

In the Merit of a Complete Healing for Chavah Bat Sarah, Yvonne Myers

11:00-11:45 PM Shiur with Rabbi Fridman Like One Man with One Heart: The Sources of Jewish Unity

12:00- 12:45 AM Shiur with Yigal Gross, esq. Negotiating Beliefs: How to Achieve Jewish Communal Debate Where Everyone

JLE Shavuos Program will take place at the home of Shapiro's at 100 Cherry Lane, Teaneck, NJ

11:30 PM - Rabbi Mark Staum will speak on "The Concept of Kedusha (Holiness) in Jewish Thought"

12:15 AM - Menachem Shapiro will speak on "Why do we Eat Milchig (Dairy) on Shavuos"

1:00 AM - Rabbi David Pietruszka will speak on "Concepts Related to Laws of Geirus (Conversion) from Megillas Rus"

Congregation Beth Aaron   

11:30pm Women’s Learning: “Cut Off and  Connection: Discussion and Review of Torah and Psychological  Sources” at the home of Esther East, 265 Cherry Lane 

12:00 a.m. Shalom Fisch  Siyum on Seder Mo’ed \לז“נ Rabbi ז“ל Fisch Stanley 

12:15 a.m. Rabbi Larry Rothwachs “The Most  Fascinating Shailot of the Past Year” 

1:30 a.m. Rabbi Daniel Goldberg “How Saadia Gaon Misinterpreted Tehillim and Saved  Judaism as We Know It” 

2:30 a.m.Rabbi Mark Staum “Fortune Tellers,  Palm Readers and Mekubalim: Segulot  and Superstition in Jewish Thought” 

3:30 a.m. Rabbi Larry Rothwachs “Rabbi,  Is This Pot Kosher?”: Torah Perspectives on  Recreational and Medical Use of Marijuana” 5:00 p.m.


Fri, April 16 2021 4 Iyyar 5781