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Siman Tov Program

Siman Tov Program
Aug. 29 | 3 - 4:30 PM
105 Cherry Lane

Ancient Jewish custom asks us to set the tone for the new year through – what else – food! There are so many recipes and stories for the Rosh HaShana Simanim, combining salty word play with  sweet, savory, and symbolic foods holding remendous spiritual significance.

Come share your recipe ideas, stories and memories with your friends and neighbors at Netivot Shalom! Food must be fleishig or pareve, in disposable containers. Bring enough for a curious and hungry group to get a taste of your recipe!

There is no charge for this event. But, registration is requested to help with us plan.

Participants are asked to bring detailed recipes, along with any family stories or traditions about making (or eating) these foods. No family traditions but great ideas for symbolic Rosh HaShana foods? Bring those as well and share with the group!
Creative takes on apples and honey and new fruits welcome, as well as recipes for any of the simanim from popular to obscure. Here’s a short list to get you “started:”  Gourds (pumpkin, squash), leeks, beets, dates, fenugreek, black-eyed peas, carrots, spinach, pomegranate, cabbage, garlic!
Remember, it’s not all about ancient stories and foods. You can also bring your best pun game  – for example, there’s a Baltimore practice to combine lettuce, raisin, and celery and recite “let us have a raise in salary” before eating it!
If bringing food, please bring enough for 15-20 people to each have a small serving. All food should be meat or parve.
Wed, October 27 2021 21 Cheshvan 5782